Cashel Blue 250g

Cashel Blue 250g


A mellow, subtle and creamy blue cheese handmade on a family farm in County Tipperary


Cashel Blue is a semi-soft blue cows’ milk cheese and is unique for being Ireland’s first farmhouse blue cheese. It is all made on the dairy farm of Jane and Louis Grubb near Cashel in County Tipperary and was first produced in 1984. They researched the Irish market at the time and found nobody making farmhouse blue cheese. The cheese they consequently started to produce was softer than existing cheeses in the UK market and so they let it remain soft and created their own niche in the market.

Cashel Blue cheese starts as a firm textured, crumbly consistency but with ripening it takes on a soft, creamy, almost spreadable texture. As it matures, the flavour also changes, growing stronger and becoming spicier. The rind is very distinctive with a covering of grey and pink moulds.

Awarded bronze at The World Cheese Awards 2019.

Won gold at the Irish Cheese Awards 2017 in the Blue Cheese category. Jane and Louise Grubb of Cashel Blue also won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Irish Cheese Awards 2017, in honour of their incredible accomplishments within the field of Irish cheese making.


  • Ingredients

    Pasteurised Cows Milk

    Vegetarian Rennet