Lincolnshire Poacher Smoked Cheddar 250g

Lincolnshire Poacher Smoked Cheddar 250g


A naturally smoked handmade cheese with the flavourful characteristics of the distinctive Lincolnshire Poacher.

Simon and Tim Jones produce award-winning handmade Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese on their dairy farm situated on the eastern edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, where the lush pastures sit on chalky land. They are the fourth generation to be running the family farm which has been in the family since 1917. They use their freshly produced unpasteurised milk from their own dairy herd which graze on the rolling hills of the farm is the basis for the distinctive characteristics of the cheese. This is, of course in conjunction with the care and attention taken during the making of each individual batch of handmade cheese. To ensure the milk is of the highest quality, the ‘girls’ are treated like royalty - they’ve even got their own brushes so they can give themselves a good scratch.

  • Ingredients

    Cows Mlik