Raspberry biscoff slabb

Raspberry biscoff slabb


Rich dark chocolate swirled with creamy biscoff spread topped with freeze dried raspberries and crushed biscoff biscuits.


Vegan Info:

Due to risk of cross contamination within our kitchen and within some of the ingredients we use (for example Oreos) we cannot legally state these bars are vegan. However these bars are made without any animal products, including but not limited to colourings, flavourings, dairy, eggs, beeswax and gelatine.

Allergen Info:

Slabb  bars are made in a kitchen where all common allergens are present including nuts, peanuts, milk, gluten, wheat and eggs. Slabb alcoholic bars are made with real alcohol. Slabb cannot guarantee any of the bars are free from allergens due to the risk of contamination. 


15cm x 9cm

150g approx